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That's me, Jörg Dauerer

My name is Jörg Dauerer.
I took the Photos you can see on this Website. Most of them were made during vacations.
I included a photo of me on this page (on the right) since many requests for such a photo arrived.
I was born in Regensburg Bavaria (Germany) on March 2'nd in 1968.
I went to school in Nürnberg and in Puchheim near Munich where I graduated from Gymnasium Puchheim with the Abitur in 1987.

Afterwards I studied Electrical Engineering at the Technische Universität in Munich. 1994 I went to New Jersey to study Industrial Engineering at Rutgers University.

Since 1996 I work in the IT industry in Munich

I live in Gröbenzell, a suburb west of Munich.

Organization of the site

The photos are organized in two different ways:

What's coming up?

I will fill the "empty spots" in the different sections. There are still quite a lot of photos that "wait for publishing" on my site.

More background information

There is more information on the following topics: