Jörg Dauerer, Photography


Welcome to my website "Jörg Dauerer, Photography" where you can browse through photos I took in 39 countries in Europe (including Norway, Germany, France, Italy), North America (including New England, Arizona, California), Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Morocco.

All in all 2782 photos (including 395 panorama photos and 95 black and white photos) are available in Galleries (arranged by geographical location) and Exhibitions (arranged by subject).

Image of the Month

Cape Elizabeth, Maine, United States, clouds, lighthouse, morning light, Portland Head Light, sunset, Atlantic Ocean

The image of the month of May is Portland Head Light. It shows a spectacular sunset behind Portland Head Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth as a thunderstorm arrives. Cape Elizabeth is in southern Maine near Portland at the east coast of the United States. This photo was taken in the evening of a windy and rainy day in September of 2006. More ...

Current Exhibition

Iceland, ISL, Stykkishólmur, Vesturland, Snæfellsnes, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, bell tower, Stykkisholmur

The current Online Exhibition at Jörg Dauerer - Photography is Modern Churches. It shows images of modern architecture of churches that all happen to be located in northern Europe: From Iceland and the Faroe Islands in the north Atlantic to Norway and Finland in Scandinavia.. More ...


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